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A detailed report is available for download and includes maps and statistics by council district, police precinct, and police, fire, and planning jurisdictions.

City of Mobile Statistics
Area Total Sq Miles178.9
Area Land Only - Sq Miles138.6
Area Water Only - Sq Miles40.3
Area Total Acres114,498.6
Area Land Only - Acres88,724.9
Area Water Only - Acres25,773.7
Roads Linear Miles1,276.8
Parks Developed69
Parks Developed Acres1,229
Parks Undeveloped21
Parks Undeveloped Acres343
Number of Schools99
Landuse Residential Acres26,870
Landuse Commercial Acres12,693
Landuse Industrial Acres7,189
Landuse Other Acres41,973
Highest Elevation231 ft. (Shelton Beach Rd & Moffett Rd)
City of Mobile Census Facts (based on current city limit boundaries)
Total Pop 2000203,327
Total Pop 2010194,147
Pop Black 200094,113
Pop Black 201098,339
Pop White 2000102,487
Pop White 201087,165
Pop Other 20006,727
Pop Other 20108,643
# of Households 200090,434
# of Households 201076,530
Average Median Income 200030,009
Average Median Income 2010 Estimate39,596