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Map Option

Search for parcels by owner name, key or
parcel id. Select and export parcels by
user defined boundaries or buffers.

To use the above option, select the associated button at the bottom of the map.

NOTE: Data used in this mapping application is updated weekly.
The City of Mobile cannot verify the accuracy or currency of its digital base map. The City of Mobile makes no representation or warranty as to its accuracy, and in particular, its accuracy of labels, dimensions, or placement or location of any map feature thereon. The City of Mobile makes no warranty of merchantability or warranty for fitness of use for a particular purpose, express or implied, with respect to this map product. Any user of this map product accepts the same as is, with all faults, and assumes all responsibility for the use thereof, and further covenants and agrees to hold the City of Mobile harmless from and against any damage, loss or liability arising from any use of the map product. Independent verification of all data contained on this map product should be obtained by any user of this map product. Do not make business or legal decisions based on this data before validating your decision with a registered land surveyor.
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Search Parcels

By Owner, Key or ID:

Select Parcels

By Graphic:
* Draw a polygon on map using the DRAW tool on the left side of the map and click "Select Parcels" button.

By Buffer:
* Select a parcel on the map using the selection tool below and select buffer distance.
Buffer Distance

NOTE: Selections will be limited to 200 parcels.